Asia Clean Air Exchange

Asia Clean Air Exchange - Day 1

The Asia Clean Air Exchange is a 3-day online air quality policy workshop and technology fair, held on 24 – 26 May 2022. The event was co-organized by Clean Air Asia and Ricardo-AEA Limited under the Asian Development Bank (ADB) TA9608-REG: Strengthening Knowledge and Actions for Air Quality Improvement. The event aims to foster knowledge-sharing and build linkages between government officials from Asia-Pacific countries, private sector representatives, technology providers, and other interested stakeholders. 

Day 1 Overview: PRC national and city officials shared air quality management (AQM) experiences of Chinese cities including measures, institutional arrangements, and financial mechanisms implemented to reduce air pollution from priority sectors.
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  • 1.China’s Progress on Air Pollution Control and Prevention中国协同进展和经验EN&CN.pdf
  • 2.Air Quality Management Experience and Scientific京津冀及周边地区空气质量改善科技支撑和管理[...].pdf
  • 3.Air pollution prevention and control in Tianjin天津大气污染工作简介EN&CN.pptx
  • 4.Briefing on the Implementation of the One-strategy-for-one-city Prog[...].pptx
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